City: Spain, Barcelona
Venue: Barts
Date: September 9, 2019, beginning at 21:00

They conquered millions of enraptured spectators in 300 cities, 14 countries, and 3 continents around the world. Nothing is impossible for these guys! Their show is always sold out in any hall. It is a hurricane of emotions and passions, a war of elements in which fire clashes with water. The Temptation Dance Theatre - they do not wait for the storm to end, they can dance in the rain!

The Temptation is a unique dance project which has no analogues in the world. It is a Russian phenomenon and the pride of St. Petersburg. From the stage, this team of strong men frankly and honestly speaks of its love for the female part of humankind with the help of the word and body plastique. Absolutely sincere stories are told by the language of dance without any vulgarity, but with a bit of healthy humour and self-irony. Everyone, regardless of his or her gender, age, nationality, or social status, gives in to the Temptation! Once you see them on stage, you cannot remain indifferent and will come to see them again and again to get the most powerful charge of energy and drive!

The Temptation is a dance without borders, a universal mix of genres and styles, from classics to break dance and acrobatics. Their portfolio already includes five original shows based on deep drama and original choreography. And at the end of each show, the audience enjoys the icing on the cake - a crazy dance in the rain!


Un autèntic multiespai al bell mig de l'emblemàtic i recuperat Paral·lel, eix escènic i cultural de Barcelona. Un local amb una excel·lent visibilitat i acústica, molt confortable i amb dues sales: la principal, amb un aforament de 900 localitats amb seient o 1.500 combinant localitats de peu i assegudes, i la sala club, fins a 130 espectadors. Un nou espai estratègic, un nou concepte de centre cultural vinculat a l'entorn. Un projecte ciutadà, contemporani, amb propostes per a tots els públics obertes a qualsevol manifestació artística. Obert a la música. Epicentre de festivals i de cicles oferint concerts singulars i únics, involucrant artistes, tant consolidats com emergents, en el projecte. Però també obert al teatre –d’autor, musical o infantil– i a la comedia, a la dansa, al circ contemporani, l’il·lusionisme i la màgia. Als continguts audiovisuals, la gastronomia i a la paraula, el debat i el pensament. A la ciència, la investigació i les humanitats a través de conferències, classes magistrals, diàlegs i trobades amb creadors i pensadors.

Avinguda del Parallel, 62, 08001 Barcelona

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